Sunday, August 17, 2014


Don't worry, be happy. If you are one of those elite chosen souls who has been at least half right during your life time. You definitely fall into the one percentcer group. ~ ~ As confirmed by the fact that our jails are half filled with niggers, even though they are only about 13% of the population. ~ ~ Ergo, the 50/50 ten virgins prophecy, yada yada. ~ ~ In other words, shooting all the niggers is only half the answer. The other half being you need to provide the better half of them with quality homes and plenty of good horses and farm acreage. ~ ~ Who wants to spend half of their life killing people before they kill you anyway? ~ ~ Life is too short. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 500 HOMERS NOTES: I found 5 interesting movies for half-off at GOODWILL on Saturday. Which was a part of their big back-to-school sale promotion. ~ ~ For example, in BLUE JASMINE, Ornella Fresh's sister Donatella goes back to school later in life. Just like Ken Keisler went back to school. And yours truly went back to school at BYU in my mid to latter 30s, yada yada. [Ornella also went back to school in a wheelchair after her DANIEL 2 feet got smashed in a freak accident at ROSS' DRESS FOR LESS in Modesto, California.] ~ ~ Hence, my own ex-wife from France went back to school and got her teacher's degree, just like Steven Fresh's ex-wife did. ~ ~ Talk about wife swapping 1970s style. See: ~ ~ BTW: Ornella Fresh knows all about nigger shoplifters. ~ ~ And so does my ex-wife who worked at the NORDSTROMS in the WASHINGTON [DC] SQUARE MALL in Southeast Portland.

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