Saturday, August 9, 2014


Utah's native son Clyde Lewis sounded just like the leadership of the Mormon church last night on GROUND ZERO; broadcasting from Portland, Oregon. ~ ~ Warning us about the evil contentiousness of the tea party types who believe that we are in a psychic war between liberalism and conservatism. ~ ~ However, every time that he catches our interest with this, and we perk up our ears and turn up the radio's volume a notch. We never can hear exactly what his beef is. ~ ~ So all we can assume is that he is just another liberal hiding behind the proverbial third-way mask of your typical populist half Jewish independent voter. ~ ~ Think Jerry Seinfeld meets Jay Leno. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LENO QUOTES: "My grandmother was always right..." [wink wink] ~ ~ LADYKILLER NOTES: Here is confirmation of the movie's Marxist robbers theme at: ~ ~ If you are not talking about the abomination of desolation's documented birth certificate forgery and confirmed stolen Social Security number on your gay-ass Christian talk radio show; then you are also a part of the problem. And now we need to do something about that, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ OUT AND ABOUT NOTES: Believe it or not, Woody Allen just came out and confessed to the world that today's lying sack-of-shit Jew journalists have always been his heros. And I can understand that. Because back in the 70s, I too was a lying sack-of-shit fly-by-night salesman selling steel buildings to naive farmers in North Dakota. And I justified my behavior just because our steel buildings really were the best quality on the market at the time, based in Barack Obama's mile high city of Denver, Colorado. Naturally, years later, I discovered that my buddy Ken Keisler was also selling [211] steel products manufactured by the Russian mob. ~ ~ GAYDAR NOTES: I read that the annual GAY GAMES start today in Cleveland, Ohio. Probably because that NBA nigger on the down low just returned there from Miami. ~ ~ SMARTPHONE TEXT NOTES: Guess what? Jim Carrey and I get to start making our phony upcoming SMART AND SMARTER satire series based on two brilliant retarded Jew fucks who are still living with their grandmothers down in Miami. And Adam Sandler gets to pay for all three of them. See: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ I'm thinking all three sequels revolve around taking Adriana Lima's yacht over to Michael Douglas' tax free paradise once all three of their high tech start-ups get sold for billions to and MICROSOFT, etc. ~ ~ Bullshit walks, money sucks cocks. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: If you are still not getting your cock sucked off by those two friendly more-than-willing 19 year-old hotties who live up in your LA hills neighborhood, then you must be doing something wrong. Same thing goes for you too Matthew Perry. ~ ~

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