Friday, August 8, 2014


THE LADY KILLERS was about the future Tea Party. Which ended in 1955 with the old Eisenhower Republican type tea party lady giving a big contribution to the down-and-out hold-out believers in Winston Churchill, etc. circa 2014 to 2015. ~ ~ No wonder the screenwriter's original plot line was seen in a visionary dream. ~ ~ Wherein the crazy marxist Jew professor claims that he and his gang of five foolish virgins had to steal other people's money for compassionate reasons. ~ ~ All of the Royal bloodlines based in London, England are at least half Jewish of course, according to PLAIN TRUTH magazine. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ IT'S ALL TRUE NOTES: The above cinematic prophecy ends with Queen Elizabeth II role playing Granny Grass. Saying that she can now buy herself the new 12 tribes umbrellas of Israel; which she kept forgetting about. Since everybody at the Church of England and the Church of Utah had also completely forgotten about them. ~ ~ Don't forget about all of those inspired [30 years later] tv ads in the 80s that featured a future unhappy GG asking, "Where's the beef?" ~ ~ My used DVD copy of the above classic film features Barack Obama's continent of Africa birth place logo right after it ends. ~ ~ IT'S ALL LIES NOTES: Most Jews still say that Obama was born in Hawaii. That there is no lost ten tribes of Israel history. That Jesus was not the messiah; yada yada. So now comes the big birthday party of Judah for the ten virgins in MARK 13:14 meets MATT: 25. ~ ~ ZERO EFFECT NOTES: I tried to tune into GROUND ZERO last night to hear if Clyde had anything to say about my latest HOMER SIMPSON post. However, 770 was playing a baseball game between Seattle and Obama's favorite Chicago team. See:

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