Tuesday, August 5, 2014


People are tired of niggers, including the wanna be white ones. ~ ~ Ergo, the White Horse Prophecy via Joseph Smith was just confirmed by the news that the African plague is being treated with tobacco extract from Kentucky's famous race horse country. Per Joseph Smith's mild beer recipe revelation at D&C 89 that says that tabacco is for curing sick horses. Like that crazy woman riding on top of a talking Mr. Ed horse in REV.17, etc. ~ ~ Genuine gentlemen negros are famous for having a way with taking care of horses. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Last week in a flash vision, I saw a hand written note lying in the weeds under the ripe blackberries on Evergreen Drive that said, "A WAR IS COMING... GET WATER." [Blackberries usually ripen by late summer.] ~ ~ HALF&HALF WHITE RUSSIAN VODKA COCKTAIL NOTES: There was a half moon on Barry Obama's Germanic [No.53] Love Bug birthday because the abomination of desolation homosexual murderer born in Africa is a half Jewish man who is also half white. ~ ~ Per that recent Half Moon Bay tunnel-of-love omen in Nancy Pelosi's voting district in northern California. ~ ~ PRIVATE TIME NOTES: My own private middle eastern rug prophecy entitled LAWENCE OF ARABIA was about the future time when I would become seduced by a crazy woman from France named Laurence. ~ ~ See the burnt orange movie poster art at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_of_Arabia_(film)

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