Saturday, August 2, 2014


Heff has now come to the age where he is actually inspiring his fellow Jewish clean-shaven brethren to start taking the amazing miracles in their miraculous-career lives more seriously. ~ ~ You don't get to become someone like Hugh Hefner for no reason in this life. ~ ~ Notwithstanding the silly comments by Ben Shapiro and Michael Medved about Barack Obama's birth certificate and Social Security number. ~ ~ In other words, if you are okay with the blatant political fornication that is going on in talk radio today, what is so horrible about a little fornication going on at Jennifer Aniston's swingers palace up in the hills of LA? ~ ~ Yeah we know, it's not right. But you guys on the right are not actually all that right sided either. ~ ~ What goes around comes around; yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMAZING NOTES: Three-way sex is amazing. Catholic mormonish neocon homosexual priesthood sex is not really that amazing. ~ ~ And don't even talk to me about the death of the amazingly hot office-sex that used to go on at the NYT, pre 1993. Before all those Jewish feminist lesbians took over the place. Which eventually lead to that old creepy looking Jewess cunt who is now sitting on the Supreme Court in DC and still refuses to go away; much like my stubborn arrogant French ex-wife. ~ ~ WOODY ALLEN MOVIE NOTES: The God of Abraham has a history of saying things with role playing proxy figures. Ironically, most religious sabbath keeping Jews still don't get it. ~ ~ Pride comes before the fall, yada yada. ~ ~ This fall starts on the Catholic Pope's historic Gregorian [Relf] calendar on 9.21 and 9.22 of course. ~ ~ HOUSE OF JACOB NOTES: The name James Bond means Jacob's covenant bond in Latin. For example, those American traitors who allowed those two Ebola doctors to arrive on a private jet from Africa in Casablanca, Maryland, in the exact same way that 007 arrived in Maryland in GOLDFINGRR, are the same gullible neo con Republican half Jews who allowed that African born again virus figure, Barack Obama, to become the Commander in Chief of America in next-door DC. ~ ~ Most of the best doctors in the world are Jewish. ~ ~ I know this sounds kind of racist. However, personally I would never go to a doctor who was not Jewish. There is a reason for everything in this life. ~ ~ On a side note, Ephraimites tend to make better dentists. Cruelty and pain also have their place in this life. ~ ~ Have you ever seen a better set of teeth in your life like the ones at: ? ~ ~ Think MARATHON MAN meets THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets the next movie that I fancy making with me as the star fucking a boat load of 17ish looking Hollywood virgin starlets. ~ ~ You don't get to be someone like me being directed by someone like David Lynch for no reason. ~ ~ If the money is right of course. ~ ~ 1985 NOTES: That clock above the Supreme Court of the USA in DC gets stopping by a Harry Potter type lightening bolt from America's new African born again Negro mayor, 30 years later. In a time when the Mormon church is being lead by the 12 apostles who resemble Bonney Lake's future Bro. Gill/espie. "You can not become like me until you start acting like me..." THE LOVE GURU; also see ALMA 32. ~ ~ [Make sure that you don't over do it of course.]

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