Monday, August 18, 2014


That white cop in [Craig] Ferguson drilled that giant nigger in the head two times for Steve Gray's final act at the end of THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE of Jacob movie. As in, "Let's change everything." ~ ~ The four shots to the arm were a sign from God that the crazy latter-day era of the 666 arm of flesh is dead. ~ ~ Ergo, Naomi Watts shows me that REV.17 woman's head-shot at the end of MULHOLLAND DR. at a DENNY'S look alike diner because the niggers once sued the same restaurant for not serving niggers. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: I realize that indie film production money is getting pretty tight these days. However, if you sincerely think that you can bring in your Janis Joplin bio pic starring Miley Cyrus for under ten big ones; you can start working on the screenplay right now. ~ ~ Most of my guys make that much money in one day. Which is why I get so much love and respect from all of my niggers. They know who butters their whole wheat brown bread, no questions asked. ~ ~ JEWS FOR NAZIS NOTES: About 99% of the white tea party people are Christian Bible thumper conservatives who are almost radical supporters of Israel. Therefore, Hollywood's most famous left-wing lunatic icon Rob Reiner just told Larry King that they should all be killed because they are all Hamas sympathizers who want to destroy Israel. ~ ~ Talk about GROUND ZERO talk radio meathead insanity. ~ ~ No wonder that the Nyle Smith look alike was a big time supporter of Brown's anti-capitalist fascist 12% surcharge tax on anyone who owns over two successful franchises. ~ ~ For example, see this comical caricature of Bill O'Really toasting a glass of COOL-AID at: ~ ~ For that Cool [nigger] Valley landmark next to Ferguson, MO. ~ ~ There is definitely something about the primal ape shit emotion of hatred that makes people crazy in the head.

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