Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The way that the Jewish liberal media is attacking non homosexual white people using the [Craig] Ferguson situation is political and cultural suicide. ~ ~ I mean, get real. Only 13% of America is negro, and only about 2% are homogaysexual. Plus, there are only about 6,000,000 Jews in the USA; versus about 200,000,000 Ephraimite Israelitish Caucasians. ~ ~ For example, in 2013's suicidal left coast BLUE JASMINE super moon prophecy, right after the unmasking of high society's Alex Baldwin type con man icon, we see a white man fighting in the ring with a black man on TV. ~ ~ And low and behold, tadah!.. There is Rush Limbaugh sitting there. ~ ~ Then at about 1:12 minutes, Jasmine's new fiance talks about the incredible full moon inside of his antique Leonardo Da Vinci telescope. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READERS: Both of the two witnesses were born on 1.12. ~ ~ In the above boxing scene, the no nonsense boyfriend of Ornella Fresh tells the Republican and the Democrat fighters in the ring to stop hugging each other and get on with it. ~ ~ That 225 TT at 4:10 pm in the movie is the same white CONVERTIBLE GIRL 2+2 twin turbo AUDI that we see in the background on the royalsf.com car lot when Chili asks Cate Blanchett for her number. ~ ~ That killer golf ball stuck on my wounded REV.13 head in the above Woody Allen movie is a joke about my Idaho potato prostate in the original LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ ~ PS WOODY: If you sincerely think that you can bring in some thinly veiled LAST TANGO IN PARIS remake-sequel-homage for under ten big ones. Just go ahead and start shooting the damn thing in Paris using a production bridge-loan. What? You don't think that Chloe Moretz' people would even bother to return your phone calls? ~ ~ The worst thing that could possibly happen is that you would have to fall back on Miley Cyrus for the lead fuck interest role. Don't forget, Cara Delevigne is already onboard for the modern upgraded three-way project. So you pretty much would get the pick of the litter, if the money is right. ~ ~ See these two Kristen Stewart and Natalie Portman figures at: http://vt.tumblr.com/tumblr_mg4c1bR9k31r4hz58.mp4#_=_

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