Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hugh Hefner was made very famous in the swinging 60s and 70s with all those photos of him wearing silk pajamas and drinking PEPSI while laying in bed with a couple of hot babes that were way too young for him. So my question now is, what the fuck happened to Woody Allen? ~ ~ Who made that parody of me wearing my royal crown ROLEX watch while giving Cate the secret physical transfiguration handshake with baptism font in the background in BLUE JASMINE at about 47:00 minutes. ~ ~ Which of course we see after the film's prophetic line that goes, "...noon on the 11th..." at 36:44 minutes. For the paramedics declaring that Robin Williams was dead at noon on the 11th. ~ ~ I.e. even the most expensive vintage wind-up watches are still known to run a couple minutes faster that today's new fangle micro-chip chrystal quartz watches. ~ ~ Think I AM is full of it do you? ~ ~ Just ask Hollywood's most famous ROLEX collector Charlie Sheen; timing is everything. ~ ~ Heck, even the leader of ISIS likes his ROLEXES. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EX WIFE NOTES: Charlie's Robin Williams type ex-wives are the reason why he is beginning to wake up and smell the roses. Better late than never. Sean Penn, same thing. Not so much George Clooney; not yet anyway. Whose crazy hot Islamic fiancée is now sitting on some UN panel of RONALD McDONALD clowns who are investigating why that [Hamas] nigger got shot off of I-70 in Gaza, USA. ~ ~ Hence those two [witnesses] reporters got picked up for being where they shouldn't be at a McDONALDS in Ferguson, Missouri; in confirmation of their official media membership in the Homer Simpson fan club that supports such low information/intelligence talk radio shows as GROUND ZERO. ~ ~ Talk about, "Where's the beef?"

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