Saturday, August 16, 2014


We're going to need a pretty big stick in order to get today's nigger problem under control. ~ ~ Hence, that phony Beatlemania Jew, Paul McCartney, was the last one to perform at the CANDLESTICK stadium landmark of the two candlesticks of Judah and Ephraim in REVELATION 11. ~ ~ For example, the REV.12 Biblical flooding on Long Island was confirmation of Howard Stern growing up there in Roosevelt. Because it is the two witnesses of the world who will absorb today's filthy brown flood waters and save the church lady and her bipolar attention deficit disorder Jesus baby. ~ ~ I.e. "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Teddy Roosevelt. ~ ~ Of course, Robbin Williams plays the rough rider Roosevelt in the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM trilogy. ~ ~ See the unbearable lightness of my Davidic Illuminati followers at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: Clyde Lewis' on air dissertations about the Illumimati idea of depopulating the world were confirmed by the S&P 500 closing at 1955 two times. Since his conspiracy theories about such satanic predictive art works like 1955's THE LADYKILLERS involve leaving only 500 million people left on the earth after the atomic fallout dust settles.

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