Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Robin Williams 86ed himself in confirmation of the suicidal left putting a negro socialist into the White House who was not even a US citizen. And everyone out there with access to the Internet knew it. ~ ~ For a second witness on AM talk radio, Clyde Lewis went on the air Monday and explained how William's 8+11+14=33 death date was directly related to the apostate Christians cited in D&C 86 whose official number is 33. ~ ~ Ergo, the famous UFO alien star of MORK&MINDY was a regular Church of England church-goer right up to the very end. ~ ~ Per the chorus of angels that ended Mr. Lewis' segments about the monster beast image on your R/M atlas where Tiburon, California is located. Who is depicted going after the heart-shaped Angel Island. Where they filmed Woody Allen's BLUE JASMINE take on yours truly. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BROWN NOSE NOTES: The two witnesses of Lewis and Clark began their long journey to Portland, Oregon starting from St. Louis. ~ ~ That dead nigger named Brown was for the BROWN sign in the background when the Mrs. Doubtfire figure in THE LADYKILLERS tells the cops about the space aliens in her friend's backyard. Hence, there is a great deal of dubious doubt about the policeman firing on that violent wild-at-heart nigger off of I-70 who was going for his gun. ~ ~ Now come the race war revelations that have been given to the various no.33 Christians among the lost tribes of Israel in recent years. Wherein the niggers who don't belong in America start to riot; and the white tea party militias finally get serious about the dire situation and go on the march in real numbers. ~ ~ PS RUSH: It's high time for you to grow up and stop pretending to be color blind and color deaf. ~ ~ Take Howard Stern for example, who grew up in the Jewish Negro neighborhoods of Roosevelt, Long Island. ~ ~ Not only does he understand the profound differences between niggers and Jews, but he also still has his hearing; all things considered. ~ ~ RLDS NOTES: The only true church upon the face of the earth is the LDS church based in SLC, Utah; whose official number is 34. Like I always say, "Go big and strong, or go home." ~ ~ SPORTS NOTES: Keira's official number is 4. Therefore some man stabbed 4 people to death in Goleta, California with that switchblade in THE LADDYKILLERS, at: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-goleta-quadruple-stabbing-20140812-story.html ~ ~ Metaphorically speaking about that allegorical nude "GOAL!" image of her of course. ~ ~ RED ROBIN NOTES: I think that the prophetic Robin Williams look alike protagonist in THE BIRDS prophecy was the last straw for him. ~ ~ Remember, THE WOMAN IN RED prophecy begins in San Francisco with Gene Wilder standing on a ledge ready to commit suicide. Per Robin's recently cancelled tv show that had him starring as some advertising public relations employee in Barack Obama's adopted home town of Chicago. And reportedly, he did not like the part one bit for some reason. ~ ~ So here is the new deal. I get a $100,000,000 contract from Mel Gibson's new ten-film investor's pool; payable in three $33,333,333 payments. Notice how the price keeps going up every time that you refuse to pay up. Which just triples the amount that you get to pay me for getting my cock sucked on some KNIFE IN THE WATER meets KILL CRUISE pirate sailboat remake movie; co-starring Keira Knightley and Kristen Stewart. Who also will now get payed 3.33 times their current going rate, because they are worth it. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knife_in_the_Water ~ ~ Now they are saying that Robin Williams killed himself because he had some 7 trillion dollar government debt problems that were incurred by Barack Obama. Personally, I don't give a shit one way or the other. You either come up with the money you owe me or else.

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