Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Robin Williams came out of the closet and hung himself during the super moon because BLUE JASMINE ends with the film's crazy lady sitting on a park bench as BLUE MOON is playing inside of her head in Martha's Vineyard. ~ ~ Where Hilary Clinton is now vacationing with her con man cheater husband who has made millions giving jive ass nigger talks to college kids who will be financially bankrupt for the rest of their pathetic federal student loan lives. ~ ~ Which is why the HORRIBLE BOSSES dentist in Woody Allen's inspired movie looks just like Robin Williams. Who was a big time supporter of the new and improved 666 beast up until the very end. Just like the Wood Man, apparently. ~ ~ Ergo, Jasmine's phony baloney country club Republican Reagan Democrat husband hung himself in prison. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSHES NOTES: In the above lopsided Woody Allen movie, the high society party people invite Rush Limbaugh down to West Palm Beach, Florida at around 21:00 minutes into my used 2-4-1 DVD I found at SAFEWAY. ~ ~ BLUE JASMINE NOTES: In the 2013 movie, the lady's blue jasmine vagina flower blossoms during the GSR/TWN blog writer's night time schedule. However, Woody didn't know at the time that Michael had just flipped my schedule around in order to give Michael Savage a timely heads up during the heat of his live AM talk radio show from Marin County. ~ ~ That Nazi State Department employee who was currently assigned to Hitler's home town of Vienna, Austria is supposed to represent Ken Keisler in the movie; close but no cigar. ~ ~ KK is more libertarian than socialist, unlike you.

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