Sunday, August 10, 2014


The ruffled Professor Marcus looks and talks exactly like William F. Buckley Jr. in 1955's THE LADY KILLERS for a Providence, Newport region sailboat yachter reason. ~ ~ In order to portray the other side of the coin that has today's tea party conservatives robbing the House of Israel's United Order credit union. ~ ~ Take the lopsided Clyde Lewis for example; your typical Homer Simpson type apostate Christian who hates his own blood. And believes that Joseph Smith was originally visited by Father Satan and his bastard stepson in the grove in upper New England. ~ ~ No wonder that guys like him believe that alien spacemen have landed in our backyards. In order to warn us about today's secret London based Masonite plot to take over the world. ~ ~ See Woody Allen's THE FRONT prophecy at: ~ ~ Of course, you Jew me, I Jew you, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CROWN PRINCE OF ENGLAND NOTES: The above hero is named Howard Prince. For my prince sidekick in DANIEL etc. ~ ~ 355 NOTES: My drinking buddies in THE LADYKILLERS use a car bearing 355 plates; in confirmation of this fake England sports no.355 image of Keira Knightley at: ~ ~ Which also bears a signature caricature of the bucktooth leader of the pack of the foolish 5 virgins in the movie; per the 5/5 movie's caricature artwork at: ~ ~ NAIVE NEW READER NOTES: Woody Allen's THE FRONT takes place in place of Seattle's legendary HASTY TASTY greasy spoon joint in the U-District. Note the thematic disappearing [empty handed] magician hand trick in the above movie poster. As in, "Where's the beef?" in today's fantasy world of Obama's fake birth certificate revelation politics of the Mormon church in Utah. ~ ~ As everyone with half a brain tied behind their back knows, most all of the Jews in Hollywood back in 55 were neo-con Marxist sympathizers. ~ ~ Ergo. ~ ~ Back in the mid 60s and early 70s, Woody Allen was completely obsessed with William F Buckley Jr.'s restricted NATIONAL REVIEW magazine that was only meant to be read by the most intelligent and elite white people in the world.

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