Saturday, September 27, 2014


That frightful girls softball team bus wreck happened on I-35 near the edge of the blood dripping blade on Oklahoma's meat cleaver atlas sign. ~ ~ For that lady in Moore, OK who just got her head cut off by some [satanic mechanic] Muslim extremist at a modern day Babylon foods warehouse. ~ ~ This being a Divine confirmation from God of Frank's brutally frank statement about the accident that enlightened him about the upcoming physical transfiguration blood cleansing in that upstairs LDS temple in NYC; located next to the Lincoln Center location in Ornella Fresh's own private MOONSTRUCK meets THE WOLF-MAN prophecy. ~ ~ Right there on my ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW atlas is Denton County, Texas, for the Denton billboard that opens the horror show. Since those four girls died when a semi full of WILCOX milk sideswiped them at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ In other words, those 1970s era alien swingers in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW had a UFO space ship that looked like your typical stately ivy league college masonite brick building at Brown or Yale. ~ ~ Not to mention Reed College in Portland, Oregon; where they filmed REDS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORE SCOOPS: When Scarlett discovers my ex-wife's Tarot cards hidden under a fox hunter horn, we see the REV.19 sword card of war. Per the secret "21 jet planes" combinations from the BOOK OF MORMON, etc. Then when the same deck of cards is brought up by that legit London newspaper editor, we see Barack Obama in the background through the computer WINDOWS. Getting on his cell phone with a certain sense of importance and urgency; at around 1:06:20 minutes on my DVD.

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