Monday, September 29, 2014


ABRAHAM 1 features an inspired prophetic facsimile at: ~ ~ This being the book's opening chapter in THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE which is about the sons of Ham pretending to hold the priesthood of Adam in the desecrated temple in SLC, Utah, NYC, and Washington, DC. ~ ~ Note the 4 major network idols that are now upholding the black and white Egyptian who is about to cut off the bald egg-head of that naive white Christian Israelite nerd. ~ ~ I'm talking about ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX here; all four of whom know that the Muslim mulatto named Barack Hussein Obama is not even a U.S. Citizen by any stretch of the imagination. ~ ~ Duh. ~ ~ Ergo, that American eagle in the above image represents the same eagle in REV.12 that establishes the location of the two witnesses of Jerusalem in the New Jerusalem of America; like where our Lord was crucified by today's corrupt arrogant Jews; who hate simple minded straight-shooting white people. ~ ~ Most of whom are not even homosexuals or neo communist wanna-be pseudo intellectual Marxists. ~ ~ Which makes no sense whatsoever if you do not believe in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Like for example that alligator depicted above the abstract skyline of Manhattan, that represents the alligator garfish on your Babylon, Long Island, New York atlas at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ In the original ancient Egyptian ink sketch, the two heads were missing; so Joseph Smith just drew in a couple of typical looking outer space alien heads with weird looking big eyes and bald heads on top of the two figures. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL NOTES: There was a 4.4 at 1:45 pm on Sunday, directly west of Steven and Ornella Fresh's prophetic Fresno landmark. The Pentecostal shaker's Diablo Range location being a representation of El Diablo's "satanic mechanic' in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW that was made when both Steven and I got married in 1974. And both of us newly weds were living in underground bomb shelter basement apartments at the time. The number date of 4.4 being about MLK JR getting shot by some crazy white right-wing communist deer hunter at the LORAINE MOTEL in Memphis, Egypt, USA. The name Egypt meaning, "...things that are forbidden..." etc. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: My crazy French ex-wife was from the quiche Lorain region. ~ ~ The third way Marxist MLK JR was shot in the neck for a stiff necked Jews prophecy. Who are now about to get it for what they did to Jesus.

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