Saturday, September 6, 2014


Right after that fireworks kiss at the prophetic end of THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION, we cut to an office colleague exclaiming, "What a wrap up!" For all those wrapped jewels in the 2001 film that were recovered from the lost tribes of Israel in D&C 101 etc. etc. ~ ~ How many times have we heard that Woody Allen's earlier movies were more funny? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUEPRINT NOTES: Howard Hughes goes crazy and starts repeating the word "blueprints" in THE AVIATOR as Martin Scors/ese' way of saying that Got created the precise latter-day prophecy blueprint before the world was ever repopulated. Based upon the pre-planned precision of the two witnesses script set-ups for Judah and Ephraim on day 1260, day 1290, day 1335, day 2300, etc. in DANIEL. ~ ~ You can't bake a wedding cake without a recipe. ~ ~ WOODY ALLEN TRIVIA: We see Natalie Merchant through the door when C.W. Marches down the FDR era hall to confront the Elenor Roosevelt feminist figure Ms. Fitzgerald. Hence the 10.26.40 birth date on his NYPD mug shot, which matches all of those evergreen calendars in the background for October 29. ~ ~ By the end of THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION, Barack Obama's traditional illegal alien invasion number of '20' has been seen or mentioned six times. ~ ~ NEW YOUNG PUSSY NOTES: If grandpa and grandma never did introduce you to Woody Allen's earlier pivotal movies; may I suggest that you make a short study of TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, SLEEPER, and BANANAS. ~ ~ In Woody's above earlier 2001 film, that Picasso painting that was hidden inside of a telescope depicts a woman holding a guitar; for a Taylor Swift prophecy. ~ ~ Of course, practically every house in Watch Hill, Rhode Island has a telescope and all that jazz.

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