Monday, September 22, 2014


High society's fly fishing Peter Lie Man murdered the short haired lesbian hooker in SCOOP because her hair was as dark as the future transsexual president of America. ~ ~ Back in 2006 of course. ~ ~ Hence, the spirit ghost in the 2006 prophecy was confirmed by Grandpa Spirit killing those six six six grandchildren who lived along the abomination of desolation's Hwy. 129_ in Bell, Florida and Gilchrist County. ~ ~ What? You're expecting FEDEX to deliver you that solid gold toilet that you bought online at any day now? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOG POOP NOTES: Reportedly, the pride of Brown University is now out there promoting the already-dead gender politics of Marxism; as per these new pix at: ~ ~ REPORTER NOTES: Heads up all you immature and childish Jew boys in the Democrat Party media. Scarlett Johansson role plays the little girl who schools all of you arrogant high society mamma boys in SCOOP. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: The idea that everything you say on your smart ass cell phone Internet device is being monitored by the state is so boringly obvious, and so 1990s. ~ ~ That's like Martin Scors making some dumb ass movie with Leo Di Caprio about greedy stock market speculators. Big wow. ~ ~ Talk about beating a dead horse. ~ ~ Time for you to move on and do what you do best. In the form of some plain looking Janis Joplin impersonator with a surprisingly underrated and very strange sounding voice from Texas in Las Vegas, starring Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ Just imagine the Howard Stern interview publicity too; which in and of itself would be worth billions in free advertising. ~ ~ As Miley describes in vivid detail how much she likes to get fucked in her tight little mouth, etc. etc.

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