Wednesday, September 24, 2014


My sidekick drinking buddy is a known illegal alien who has a stolen Social Security number because after 20 years the anti-American communist Jews in the Hollywood media are still comparing me to my forerunner sidekick Adolf Hitler. ~ ~ How true, to a point. ~ ~ Because at this particular point in time, I AM is the only one out there right now who is a real threat to them. ~ ~ For example, here is one of my 20 year-old wives flashing a designer padlock with white-slave chains that represents Captain Lock in OPERATION MAD BALL. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Oliver Stone, and Mr. Scor are still rapped up in their little wormy world view that sees an anti communist hiding behind every [George] Bush. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGGER NOTES: Some nigger's votive candle just burned down some Big Brown dead horse memorial in Ferguson. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ BLACKMAIL NOTES: In Woody Allen's roundabout pre-Obama prophecy about the REV.17 whore blackmailing western civilization's white high society types in EZE.38 like Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Michael Medved, the SAILOR DOG gets the last laugh on his sailboat. ~ ~ All of those black thug mobs in Ferguson, and their slimy little anti-american neo con Jew boy allies in Westwood, LA are not going to be able to stop me. ~ ~ Like I always say, either go big or go home. ~ ~ PUNCHLINE NOTES: Last night I got through about two thirds of some thin one liner comedy called GRANDMA'S BOY. That Granny Grass had bought for me yesterday at WAL*MART; along with Stephen King's prophecy about today's "King Fire" that is still raging in the Desolation Valley Wilderness, west of Lake Tahoe, entitled MISERY. ~ ~ So far, I can see that GRANDMA's BOY co-stars a physically transfigured Mel Gibson look alike who still believes in that old church lady grandmother Mary religion for little immature boys who are still stuck in their Catholic prep school years. ~ ~ But I won't see Adam Sandler's punch line ending until tonight; after the start of the Jewish new year of course. ~ ~ THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING NOTES: Last night on GROUND ZERO RADIO, Clyde Lewis confessed on the air that he had recently died and then saw the proverbial blinding white light of Jesus. ~ ~ However, he still refused to go there. Because in his formative 1960s era psychedelic black-light mind, that kind of thing is just a trap for squares. Just like the BOOK OF MORMON is also a rat trap for squares, etc. etc. ~ ~ Think Oliver Stone et al still think that Miley Cyrus is just a thing of naught. ~ ~ Therefore, they go on making the same kind of boring moronic repetitive movies that have nothing to do with Justin Beaver or Cara Delevigne et al. ~ ~ Both of whom represent the kind of very very talented people who only matter right now.

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