Thursday, September 25, 2014


Adam Sandler's GRANDMA'S BOY ends with Mel Gibson sucking on a big brown reefer the size of Barack Obama's cock. ~ ~ Remember, this very very inspired movie was shot in 2005; lightyears before anyone knew anything about the day 1290 abomination of desolation from Chicago. ~ ~ Not to mention Larry Sinclair's extremely well corroborated stoner book about him sucking on Barry's brown dick while Barry sucked on the crack pipe bong. ~ ~ For a second two witnesses thing, here are the new W pix of my wife Cara and her shorthaired sidekick posing in two traditional brown leather bomber jackets at: ~ ~ Of course, that KARATE KID monkey in the above comedy is Obama himself, as confirmed by Colorado's recent legalization of pot. Yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UFO NOTES: Woody's prophetic SCOOP movie is about those 50 UFO icon ashtrays for British fags that represent the still unidentified abomination of [desert island] desolation from the 50th island state that is so famous for it's hula skirt girls. See the scene at 32:00 minutes if you don't believe me. ~ ~ This being the day 1290 numerical system of God's latter-day blueprint in DANIEL 12 for the recovery and gathering up of the lost 12!tribes of Israel. ~ ~ Seems like half of Adam Sandler's movies take place in Hawaii, and all that jazz. ~ ~ DESECRATED TEMPLE NOTES: A tourist from England just rammed his rented medicine wheel icon motorcycle into some England red truck on Utah's remote Rt.35 because he was driving on the [wrongo!] left side of the road by force of habit at: ~ ~ The enclosed link doesn't mention the road's Hanna, Utah location, for HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, et al. I myself might add, this area has some of the best small creek German brown trout fly fishing in the entire state. ~ ~ See the numbers at: ~ ~ FLY FISHING NOTES: I ended my flirty fishing Mormon missionary work in a little place known as 'The City of Lovers' at: ~ ~ Right after I had finished my on-the-job calling in Siena [Miller] Italia during the Christmas season in 1972. The same year that the co-star of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE meets CARNIVAL OF SOULS was born. ~ ~ Reportedly, Sienna Miller's current lover has just been cast in some totally legit London meets New York theater Shakespear play. ~ ~ Oh yeah, when it comes to being me, everyday is Christmas; no matter what grandma says.

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