Tuesday, November 18, 2014


CENTRAL's AERO 500 cargo twin prop just crashed into a house in Midway, Chicago in confirmation of the '500 miles away from home' folk song in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. Which is about the death and rebirth of apostate fascism in the born again sodom and Egypt of America. ~ ~ Obviously, the Jew media has now gone so far down the liberal rabbit hole that they no longer have it in them to speak the truth to reformed middle-of-the-road third way fascism; which is exactly what Ferguson, Miss/our/I is all about. I.e. mob rule and gang warfare based on tired old racist cliches like, bad white cop, innocent black violent criminal. ~ ~ Oh yeah, like that's ever gonna fly when pigs grow wings. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
LINKS: See the picture worth 1000 words at:
http://apnews.myway.com/article/20141118/us--chicago-plane_into_home-19dba9e4d8.html ~ ~ PS MICHAEL: I'm on your side. But that christian U.S. Army nurd in the above movie is sipping the milk out of his orange [WILCOX FARMS] bowl just like the [queer-as-orange] cat does who has no scrotum left and no cock. ~ ~ By the way, I completely agree with you about replacing the tired old men at the top of the Republican Party with the stronger young-blood guys in the so called tea party. ~ ~ ZOMBIE NOTES: I have been avoiding this one for some time now. Because I do not need any more distractions or hassles in my personal life than I already have. ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ It goes without saying that my ex-girlfriend in SHAUN OF THE DEAD is obviously my next door neighbor named Tammy. ~ ~ MISS MONTANA NOTES: When that Hwy.410 Mt. Rainier icecream cake icon busts into flames in HANNA MONTANA: THE MOVIE, Obama stands up and freaks out because a rat was climbing up his pants leg. Even that same Jewish rat who got paid 400k for his insider Obamacare job; but then he couldn't keep his mouth shut and started to brag about it amongst his friends.

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