Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Most National Guardsmen are white Tea Party type conservatives. Who scare the shit out of today's 19666s alien spawn who reside in the Vancouver, USA area meets the Vancouver, BC area in the crazy ass mother fucker I-5 corridor on such late night talk [radio] shows as Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimbell. ~ ~ This being the scenario in the 1980 FOXES prophecy where Jodie Foster says the Tea Party is going to spill boiling hot tea on the balls of today's born again fascists who worship the new and much cooler beast in REV.13. ~ ~ And then we will see what they have to say about the painfull tyranny of the third way middle of the road beast that is just an "illusion" of the paranoid right. ~ ~ According to the Bible, in the last days, no one will dare to go up against the twelve tribes of Israel. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW RULES NOTES: In the near future, the new rules of engagement for white law enforcement police officers will be 'shoot first, ask questions later'.  Remember, 12.9 is the 62 weeks marker in DANIEL 9:26. Wherein the proud-as-shit niggers of the world put the last straw on top of the camel's double humped back. ~ ~ 3 1/2 DAYS NOTES: Three and one half days before Bono fell off of his bicycle in Central Park, the rear door on his private jet blew off over Germany. And all of his baggage got sucked out. And they still haven't found any of it. ~ ~ Talk about Clyde Lewis et al talking about "predictive programming". ~ ~ SEXY TIME NOTES: Three nights ago I dreamed that me and Adriana Lima were getting naked together in my room. And her two brown sexissimo nipples were shaped like old time radio dial nobs. ~ ~ Per that paperback copy of THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL novel at the checkout in FOXES. ~ ~ NEW AND USED NOTES: The kid in FOXES goes into EUROPA BICYLCE CENTER [centralized] where they repair the old age problems of fallen men like Bono and Bruce Willis and Steven Fresh; not to mention the two stars of DUMB AND DUMBER: II/III. ~ ~ Remember, the SPLITTING HEIRS prophecy is about me fucking Michael Douglas' crazy wife behind his back in the British 007 Bahamas for a reason. ~ ~ What goes around comes around.

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