Friday, November 14, 2014


I watched INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS last night, like about ten minutes after seeing that link about those 68 cats locked up inside of an E350 van in Bad Luck County, Oregon. Which is world famous for their very tasty sweet and sour yellow cooking onions. ~ ~ Naturally, many of the lost stray cats that were locked up in the cat lady's prisoner-of-love van only had one eye left; for an all-seeing-eye Egyptian cat goddess idol thing. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Warhol's 1961ish triple Elvis movie poster sold for 82 big ones. ~  ~ Yeah yeah yeah, it's gonna cost you big time to put yours truly in your next picture.  ~ ~ I do this for a living. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: They gave you a really terrific bit part in the above film as a Jewish music agent based in Chicago, during winter time. ~ ~ WINTER WONDERLAND NOTES: Everyone in Harlem in LIVE AND LET DIE is in on the deal when the good guys get murdered for the money. Especially America's first black President who has his headquarters in Harlem meets Hot Springs, Ark. According to the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE that describes how the sons of Ham have to be so secretive and on the down low just to survive. Hence the above 1973 Bond movie that features a giant black character nicknamed Whisper. The above negro OLYMPIA funeral march band being a future REV.9 Greek homosexual gay pride day thing. ~ ~ BEATLES NOTES: Here is the inspired idea behind A HARD DAYS NIGHT, for Katy Perry getting married to that pinko swinger on top of a Republican elephant stampede icon in Liz' East India, at:

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