Friday, November 28, 2014


The letter read on the radion in the 1980 FOXES prophecy is the GSR/TWN introduced on KALL radio in SLC, UT 20 years ago, during the fall of 1994; which cost exactly $700. ~ ~ And no,  the check did not bounce. ~ ~ Naturally, like the song goes, no names are mentioned; even to this day. As confirmed by the fact that nobody in professional society ever mentions my sidekick's fake birth certificate either. ~ ~ Not to mention the fact that the giant nigger in the St. Lewis area who got shot by a white cop has been proven to be a violent criminal mob thug who deserved to die like some gut shot dog in a Martin Scorsese movie.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JAY WALKING NOTES: That nutty 1980s ET child actor got a ticket for J-walking on Thanksgiving by the father cop in FOXES in confirmation of those two concert tickets of the two witnesses that are lost and found in the movie. And then my rod of Jesse character tells Jodie Foster that she used to be my girl at 29:58. Right before we see my ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW guy next to a lady eating a [I SWALLOWED THE WHOLE THING] Frankfurter hot dog, and a black light is shining in the darkness behind Rush Limbaugh's famous coconut oil pop corn machine. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Jodie Foster is still giving Paul Nestor et al the same old cock and bull story about being a lesbian. Which he swallows hook, line, and sinker, like most of today's Jews do in the vapid 666 pop culture media. ~ ~ 9.5 NOTES: The star of 9 1/2 WEEKS and WILD ORCHID has been doing various physical transfiguration appearances in corroboration with Adriana Lima's recent publicity for boxing workouts. Think Neve Campbell made her most critically acclaimed threeway wildchild movie ever in the same swampy love shack area outside of Miami where Iggy Pop lives.

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