Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The reason why my secretive underground niggers in Harlem drive a brown Texas size DE VILLE that bears RHH 409 plates in 1973's LIVE AND LET DIE prophecy is because LBJ and MLK did not believe in the live and let live principles embodied in the US Constitution. Which is why we now have a man in the JFK era White House who is not even an American citizen. ~ ~ Of course, LBJ was just another one of those tall Jewish Texans who have a visceral ISAIAH 11 problem with Mormon Republicans from Utah and Idaho. ~ ~ GSR\/TWN ~ ~ DEATH NOTICES: The prophetic Tarot card for death is a White Horse Prophecy card in LIVE AND LET DIE. ~ ~ You will know that the end is near when you see Lady Gaga coming out of some swanky 5-star hotel somewhere wearing an Afro-wig. Per the 007 film's theme song by Paul McCartney that ends with "...when you were young, and your heart was an open book..." ~ ~ The above LDS mission impossible Bond film opens with me fucking some hot Italian babe who is hiding in the closet. ~ ~ PRIVATE FILM SCHEDULE NOTES: Things can always change on a dime; but right now I'm thinking about watching HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE somewhere around seven days before Woody Allen's next birthday. ~ ~ Give me a break, I like to get my cock sucked off by a hot teenager just as much as the next guy. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: That very supportive CIA captain in LIVE AND LET DIE is a Capt. Paul Garrison pilot look alike. ~ ~ TRIFECTA NOTES: So far, I only see Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, and Tom Hanks getting together to fund my first indie film productions. ~ ~ Therefore, one can just imagine all the crazy cast and crew parties that we will be having up in the hills on the weekends.

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