Monday, November 24, 2014


"THE CITY HAD IT COMING" is the byline for 1980's FOXES artwork on my DVD copy at: ~ ~ No shit. ~ ~ This is the movie where Jodie Foster drives her friends around in a restored 1958 pickup, like the one at: ~ ~ And a bleached blond version of Kristen Stewart dies off of I-5 in order that my future TWILIGHT vampire wife can rise up out of the grave and live forever. ~ ~ Ergo, in the FOXES prophecy, the horny hot girls get married around 16, not 26. ~~ "As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end." [Steven Gray] ~ ~ By the way, in the beginning, even the slaves were treated better than today's negro slaves of the new and improved 666 beast of the whore of Babylon in REV.17.  ~ ~ In other words, if you are white it would be better to be dead than red. And if you are black, it would be better to be red than dead. ~ ~ And since white people are destined to be the joint Judah and Ephraim rulers of the earth during the messianic era, the niggers of the world better get their act together. ~ ~ Think GHOST BUSTERS:I meets GHOST BUSTERS:II, Chicago style. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAZY KING RALPH NOTES: In some of the earlier 1980s indie film FRIDAY THE 13TH series that take place at Crystal Lake for Bonnie Lake, Washington, the crazy killer kid is wearing Barack Obama's scarey African looking ice hocky goalee mask. ~ ~ RIP OFF NOTES: Not only did Sandra Bullock slander me in her CRASH rip off, but she also slandered America's white police officers everywhere who are just trying to get a handle on our out-of-control nigger problem. ~ ~ No wonder she got dropped like a hot plate on Valentine's Day by you know who. ~ ~ Who was and still is the love of her life. ~ ~ The four square theme in FOXES relates to Jodie Foster's 4th fake transfigured image at: ~ ~ Note the bicycle crash timeline context.

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