Sunday, November 23, 2014


Charles Manson marries a 26 year-old for the Kristen Stewart look alike in 1980's Jodie Foster movie called FOXES. Who said that she is going to get married when she is 26. ~ ~ Better late than never. ~ ~ Which was the last movie that the co-star of TAXI DRIVER made before she temporarily retired and went to Yale. Where the 666 faculty there ripped her heart out and ate it raw while she was still alive and two of them were fucking her in the ass and in the mouth at the same time. ~ ~ No wonder she has not gotten over it to this day. ~ ~ See the picture at: ~ ~ For example, my French speaking exwife divorced me in the same year that the above hot teenager sex movie came out in LA.  Shortly before I found myself sleeping on Kenny Kemp's sofa up in those 1970's concept apartments for swingers that are located right nextdoor to the highschool where Jodie graduted from before she went to Yale. ~ ~ What a 1980s style mind fuck. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RADIO THEATER NOTES: Dear Clyde, your typical white guy late night talk radio show is beginning to get a little bit repetitive. How about a live call-in interview with Randy Quaid about the ongoing secret plot to kill anybody in Hollywood who disagrees with me and the boys in London? ~ ~ Of course, you would have to promise his people that you will not disclose his exact whereabouts in the Vancouver, BC area. ~ ~ SNL NOTES: Late last night they spoofed my pay-phone call to Jen from I-HOP; for an Evangeline Lilly late night TV direct-response advertisement thing. Talk about becoming boring and repetitive. ~ ~ THIS JUST IN: It has been proven that Obama's birth certificate is a blatant forgery, and he is using a stolen Social Security number. Which is the same redundant thing as saying that both Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton are well known long time rapists. Who love to be seen hanging with such mindless pop culture celebrities like Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria.

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