Sunday, November 2, 2014


I became Sean's stepdad back around 1980, and Steven Hughes became his real dad, for the opening scenario to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW; where you see me stepping off the church temple in REV.11.1; where my charming X-wife monster became married again. ~ ~ In other words, the Provo Temple in Utah is no different than your average Catholic cathedral in France. Like where Eva Longoria thought that she got married to that mullato basketball player  who liked to play around on the down low. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUGAR DADDY NOTES: I lasted about ten minutes into Bill Murray's new stepdad movie on Saturday. Then I bailed out and went over to GOODWILL [St. Vincent de Paul] and found an old worn copy of Miley Cyrus' teen movie called HANNAH MONTANNA: THE MOVIE. Sorry, but I still prefer the more underaged young ladies with the nice and tight flat tummies. ~ ~ ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER THING NOTES: Admittedly, I did get the sense on Saturday that Bill Murray would definitely be a casting necessity if we want to get our investment back in any one of my upcoming teen fuck films. I'm not as crazy as you may think I AM. ~ ~ SHAUN OF THE DEAD NOTES: The boy gets the girl in the end , after he rescues her from today's zombie invasion. ~ ~ If Shaun's blond girlfriend looks familiar to you, it is because she is supposed to represent that blond backslider babe who usually sits in the front row at TMZ.

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