Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Originally, the L word was a left-wing-liberal byword, but then it somehow became a reference to lesbianism; same thing actually. ~ ~ All of which was predated by Rick James' inspired album about escaping from the liberal G7 hills beast in REV.13 etc. seen at:'%20out%20of%20l%20seven.jpg ~ ~ Note the fundamentalist Mormon polygamist idea in the enclosed picture. ~ ~ No, I do not agree with Spike Lee et al who believe that Jesus was a black dude.  But hey, whatever frees your mind baby. ~ ~ GSR/TWN  ~ ~ FOR EXAMPLE NOTES: Take for example this new 7-mountains report from Obama's adopted home state of Coloredado at:  ~ ~ PINK CADILAC TAX NOTES: The architect of Obamacare sounds exactly like your proverbial Jew boy pinko neo con communist liberal from Brooklyn for a Providential reason. In other words, he sounds a lot like Woody Allen in SLEEPER, circa 1973.

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