Sunday, November 16, 2014


My birthday money copy of INSIDE LLEWTN DAVIS contains a behind-the-scenes documentary about making the low I buffer movie in the winter of 2012.  As confirmed by those new same-day pixs of Sienna Miller flying like a freed bird at: ~ ~ Guess we now know who is the gold standard in Jolly'O England, don't we. ~ ~ Ergo, the less expensive 1980s Black Hills Gold fad had an orangist tint to it because it was mixed with a hint of Montana mined copper. ~ ~ Hence, it was particularly popular with teenage girls who didn't have that much money. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INSIDE NOTES: Today's X-Army soldier of sodom and Egypt got his throat cut because he looked like that 1961 folk singer in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, seen at: ~ ~ Sienna is known for playing folksy hippie chick characters from the 1960s who wore their hearts on their sleeves. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Don't let them pull the virgin wool sweaters over your face. If they can't meet your multi six figure asking price, give them a pass. I got something up my sleeve for you and Justin Beiber anyway; costarring Orson Welles, David Lynch directing. ~ ~ Believe me you, I know how to put those asses in the seats at your local theater in Billings, Montana, etc. ~ ~ Most of those old senile Jew fucks in Hollywood have never even heard of you two;  much less Barack Obama's forged birth certificate. I'm only interested in making movies that make me money. ~ ~ PS MEL BROOKS: I need to borrow some money from you right now. About 100 big ones would hold me over until I get paid next time. And yes, you can read the so-called script first; whatever floats your boat. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: Obviously, the Jewish Corn brothers were trying to goad you into letting me make a fuck film on your twin VOLVO in Marin County. But don't take the bait, if it doesn't quite smell right.

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