Saturday, November 1, 2014


That VIRGIN rocket blew apart over the EZE.37 desert in HOTEL CALIFORNIA for that OMEGA 6 rocket that broke up over EZE.47 southern England in SHAUN OF THE DEAD. When Shaun is walking over to the Indian shop for his morning DIET COKE and vanila icecream cone head covered in cheap chocolate. ~  ~ As confirmed by this street number 22 fake of my wife Elizabeth by Captain Havoc, that matches the HAVOC headline in the same scenarios, at: ~ ~ Since Liz is always associated with all things East Indian these days. Plus, she got preggers while flying around with that typical liberal man eater Steven Bing on his own private rocket plane. ~ ~ This being the inspired 2004 movie's take on the 50/50 ten virgins prophecy. Wherein half of the virgins are awake and ready; and the other half are zombies in the media who still believe that my drinking buddy sidekick is an actual US citizen; who has our best interests at heart.  ~ ~ GSR\/TPN ~ ~ MODERNIZED MARXISM NOTES: Politicians like Mussolini and Al Sharpton have always seen themselves as third way socialist mavericks. Who believe in exploiting the races etc. but who also appreciate LA DOLCE VITA benefits of reformed capitalism. Yes, it's all true, liberalism is a mental disorder for crazy women and their stepn' fetch boyfriends. ~ ~ DECAPITATED HEAD NOTES: The zombie TV news reporter reports that "...removing the [7 headed] head" is a sure way to kill off those crazy British liberal international Marxist reporters in Iraq and Syria. Hey, by any means necessary has always been my motto when it comes to dealing with Jew fuck assholes who want to kill me and rape my children. See this 29 reference to the above film's 29 motif at:  ~ ~ RED NOTES: Shaun's employee name tag at FORCE ELECTRIC is red of course. And yes, he does look a lot like Ken Keisler did right after he closed down LEISURE WORLD, circa 2004. But get this, that smart Aleck dude who interrupts his salesman prep talk with a cell phone call is non other than Steven Fresh himself. ~ ~I shit you not. ~ ~ For example, the husband at Jill and Derek's house in the above zombie movie is Bruce Troxell. Who now works at BOEING, where they make all of those jet planes.

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