Friday, November 21, 2014


Al Cody's failed album title in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, 1961, was confirmed by the latest abomination of desolation number on the 20th of November. ~ ~ That is now going to be signed by Obama's fake signature fan club birth certificate autograph in 20\20 Las Vegas. Which is probably the most unAmerican [American] city in all of America. ~ ~ The album's huge brown boner guitar case artwork being a big Bono thing; yada yada. ~ ~ Get the picture? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWO IF BY TEA NOTES: In the 1977 007 prophecy entitled THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, it is demonstrated at about 53:30 on my DVD how the born again Republican Tea Party is going to suddenly cut off the head of Egypt and Sodom in REV.11. ~ ~ 5\20 NOTES: Here is confirmation of the five foolish DISNEYLAND movie virgins who die on I-20 in the last days, at: ~ ~ GOLD NUGGET CASINO NOTES: Taylor Swift's new multimillion selling album is more confirmation of why movies made by Jewish liberals such as INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS  usually don't make any money or royalties to speak of; compare FOX to CNN/NBC/ABC/NYC etc. ~ ~ For example, that huge solid gold boulder on display at the above Las Vegas casino was found sticking out of the ground in some bloke's backyard in Australia. ~ ~ And of course FOX is owned by an old senile FDR era fuck from Australia and all that jazz. Who still is hanging on for dear life to the failed idea that the Texas style Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the cat's meow. ~ ~ And that Barack Obama's birth certificate is real. ~ ~ Think the half Jewish Mel Gibson meets the half Jewish Clyde Lewis.; "Steel sharpens steel." [Jesus Christ] ~ ~ PS MORMONS: The reason why the spirits who don't have a physical body feel like they are trapped in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is because they can't fuck. Think Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmy break up because they are just not sexually compatible in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE meets DOCTOR STRANGELOVE. ~ ~ MAJOR BONER NOTES: Bono and the boys were scheduled to be on Jimmy Fallon for the seven-days-week-scenario between Miley Cyrus' birthday and Woody Allen's birthday in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW timeline; "HA HA HA HA..." [Satan]

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