Saturday, November 8, 2014


Last night I dreamed that I found a perfect pair of $500 gab wool slacks made in Italy at a secondhand shop for just 100 bucks. And I told the sexy jewish 23ish blond taylor babe that they will fit just right after I lose the usual ten pounds after the year end holiday season. Then I saw that magnificent slice of fried gold picture at: ~ ~ [The left pocket needed a stitch was all. Otherwise, they looked like they had never even been worn.]  ~ ~ Meanwhile, back at the ANIMAL FARM ranch in Montana, Berry picked some really ugly looking negro lady named [David] Lynch right out of PLANET OF THE APES: XII to become his new AG in an effort to cover his gay ass on the down low regarding his fake signature 8x10 birth certificate. Every picture tells a story don't it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HARD TO SWALLOW NOTES: I also dreamed last night that Teri Rutherford still doesn't believe in me, even though I still believe in her. Heck, the night before, I had basically the same dream about the Jewish PARTY OF FIVE [virgins] TV show star Never Campbell. And now we learn that the symbolic 5th virgin from Marysville, Maryland, Washington just died from her 8x10 head-shot wounds; featured in MULHOLLAND DRIVE, etc. Neve's Jewish mother being from Holland and all that. ~ ~ MY BEFOREHAND APOLOGIES NOTES: I always try to be as up front as I can with my readers. That said, back on August 12, God said that I need to see a few of those stupid mindless FRIDAY THE 13TH [T.G.I.F.] movies that happen at Crystal Lake for Bonnie Lake, Washington; wherein that crazy old fuck named "Crazy Ralph" tries to warn the people. Believe me you, I don't look forward to watching any of these gorey 1980s indie films any more than you do.

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