Friday, December 20, 2013


All those recent interweb pix of a wanton Miley Cyrus desiring to get royaly fucked while sitting on Bad Santa's lap, in front of God and everybody on stage, have now been confirmed by the DUCK DY/NASTY confirmations that rolled out from Hickman County, Tenn, east of Beardstown. ~ ~ Which is why the Jews are so special. ~ ~ In my world, the really good girls get anything they want. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DAVID: Have those two underaged 16ish virgin teenager hotties in your neighborhood walked by your house and waved hi to you yet? Thought so, that's how it starts. ~ ~ SCREW YOU NOTE: That filthy little Brooklyn Jew boy who always loved to give white people the bird died the day after those dirty Jewish buttfuckers at A&E fired that bird hunter. ~ ~ See what it all means at; ~ ~ PLASTIC FANTASTIC LOVER NOTES: The DVD flip side to the fantastic 1975 SHAMPOO prophecy is symbolized in the film's new hairdos that stand in for the new look of the upcoming physical transfiguration jobs. Hence, Elizabeth Hurley broke up with her boyfriend at the same time that the new SHAMPOO signs and wonders started to roll out again, for a second time. ~ ~ THE SEATTLE SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS NOTES: One of the main reasons why fast-food joints are so empty these days is because it costs around ten bucks for a burger and fries and drink to even go there; since everyone behind the counter is now require by law to be payed about 10 bucks an hour. ~ ~ A better way would be if amazon et al were depositing 10% of their profits into the United Order credit union. ~ ~ Thereby, you get to make your multi millions guilt free, since everybody working at STARBUCKS etc. also gets to have a nice place to live; without all of today's new and improved and born again fascism hassles. ~ ~ Of course, the only way that this would ever happen is if someone somewhere sets off an atomic bomb or two somewhere. ~ ~ NEXT THING NOTE: I found THE GAME yesterday at PISTOL ANNIE'S.

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