Friday, December 13, 2013


Ms Fuddy crashed and drowned into the REV.13:1 sea off of that historic Hawaiian leprosy colony because nobody wants to touch Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen Social Security number. ~ ~ Talk about silly emotional women and half man-child nigros. ~ ~ No kidding; see all the new neo con lesbian Patty Murray clips of her yacking about the boys in Congress who have finally come around to see things her way. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KOREA NOTES: All that dog shit poo coming out right now from North Korea is Divine confirmation of the Lebanon, MO I-44 atlas signs in the 1970 M*A*S*H prophecy; about America's future African born spear-chucker medicine man brain surgeon wearing an African mask. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ Remember: that cool Obama party crasher figure in BLUE CRUSH. While keeping in mind all those Hawaii movies starring Adam Sandler et al. ~ ~ No coincidence that Ms Fuddy died in the REV.13:1 fish-eat-fish seas at the official 65 year-old age of Social Security. Starting with that tall Jewish wheelchair bound icon figure FDR, from New York. Who nobody in the communist infiltrated newspapers and radio news show networks wanted America to know what a physical and political retard he was. ~ ~ SHAM II NOTES: Today's historic 100 year snow job in Egypt is confirmation of Goldie's temping trip to model naked among the pyramids of Egypt in SHAMPOO. After the iconic dumb blond girly-girl asks me to leave; and then I end up being all alone; just like her. ~ ~ Therefore the hippy chicks sex party at that posh mansion up in the [Charles Manson] [gun shots] hills ends up being the answer to virtually all of my own private room and board and bed and breakfast accommodation problems in the 1980s DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein Taylor Swift and Emma Watson get to hang out with me, and drive around in the tight leather 2+2 backseats of my vintage 1958 silver topless ROLLS; just as long as they don't bother me with too many girly girl personal questions. ~ ~ Familiarity breeds contempt. And sex with a stranger is much more hot than fucking your old fuddy duddy husband, after like 1000 years, yada yada.

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