Thursday, December 19, 2013


No coincidence that the DUCK DYNASTY show for southern hicks is a show about hunting. As confirmed by that huge blaze at a recycling plant in Hickman, Tenn that suddenly erupted on the same day that those Jewish homosexuals at A&E canceled their show. Because the Duck River runs right through the middle of the famous Civil War county, due east of Beardstown. ~ ~ Just like back in Nazi Germany; most of the arrogant naive Jews who killed Jesus had no idea what was coming until their doorbells started ringing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ R.I.P. NOTES: Ken the Hutch died on the same day that Rush Limbaugh equated polygamy with homogaysexuality. Which is the same position of about 80% of the apostate RLDS church based in Utah. Ergo, the genius of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim is their ability to shed the light on the lost tribes of Israel. I.e. who are they? And where do they exist today? And what makes white people so different than black people? Etc. Etc. ~ ~ SCREWL NOTES: That Brooklyn Jew who loved to screw white people in the ass died Thursday down in Florida. Per Rush Limbaugh's inspired use of his exclusive EIB term "screwl" when it comes to describing today's government run NPR/BBC style Jewish education system schools that glorify homosexuals, niggers, and illegal aliens, per: ~ ~ No wonder that the [2NEPHI 13] term, 'Jew Boy' never seems to go out of style. ~ ~ You lie, you die. End of story.

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