Thursday, December 26, 2013


I arrised from my bed and went out at dawn on Boxing Day, during the hour of the rising sun. ~ ~ And then found something at WAL*THAT which I had completely forgotten about. I.e. that crazy 2012 movie by Tim Burton about the new blood cleansing King of England, as recorded in section 91 of THE SECOND BOOK OF COMMANDMENTS; available online now at See this link if you will for some latter-day-saints background context at: ~ ~ Meanwhile, did you hear about all those nasty little devilish REV.13:1 fish who attacked those innocent little children down in 666 Evitaville on Christmas Day? Reported at: ~ ~ Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the pope Catholic? Are there seven hills in Rome? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHITE CRACKER NOTES: It's high time to start cracking down on conservative talk radio and FOX news; who are still lying to us about Barack Obama, "...the President of the United States." Not to mention the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the evil Book of Mormon. ~ ~ It's time for all you little Sunday school boys to finally grow up and start acting like white men. [Note how white Johnny Depp looks in my above Mormon polygamist cult movie.] ~ ~ CIVIL WAR NOTES: The upcoming three-part REV.16 breakup of the latter-day ten virgins 50/50 states will probably play out more like this scenario, described at: ~ ~ As opposed to something like you might hear about on late night Ground Zero talk-radio. Where everybody is forced to get a 666 tattoo computer chip inserted into their forehead. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now, 66.6 percent of the secular liberal Jews in Israel are still going to suddenly die, and all that shit. ~ ~ UTAH COUNTY NOTES: According to FOX news radio at 3:00 pm PST; virtually every major county in the state of Utah is now being presided over by a woman.

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