Monday, December 2, 2013


In the above prophetic tv culture sequel to ROSEMARY'S BABY, the eight year-child gets baptized into today's new and improved D&C 86 church of the devil, now based in SLC, UT, per:'s_Happened_to_Rosemary's_Baby ~ ~ Because Barack Obama and John Kerry just made a deal with the devil in the highlands of Switzerland. That represents my favorite chef in the world who was owning and operating ADOLPH's lamb chop house in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ No coincidence that the SPAGOS chain in LA is also owned and operated by a brilliant German Swiss chef. And not some gay ass French asshole who thinks that he is King Shit in the kitchen. Just because in his heart he knows that he is probably better than anyone else out there at what he does. ~ ~ But don't forget, my all-time favorite chef in Seattle is also Swiss German. Who is probably just as much the classic republican liberal as I AM. ~ ~ Pure democracy is decadent fascism of course. If you have the sophisticated nose to smell the subtle differences between white people and black people. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEMONIC NOTES: People who do not believe in modern revelation, for instance, most Utah Mormons, are actually temple recommend card-carrying members of the church of the devil in 1NEPHI 14 and D&C 86, etc. etc. ~ ~ Back in the Elvis Presley 60s, almost anybody could get a state issued birth certificate, and or an RLDS Hawaii temple recommend. ~ ~ EMMA WATSONVILLE NOTE: See it and quit it, at: ~ ~ GOG MAGOG NOTES: The red capitalist Chinese are the direct migrant descendants of the peoples cited in EZE.38-39. ~ ~ I would never have known that if I had never picked up a free copy of Herbert Armstrong's Pasadena highlands based PLAIN TRUTH magazine in Westwood, LA during the Reaganite 80s. When I was crashing on Kenny Kemps' loft down in the Palms district. And hanging out at his 1970s era hot tub for swingers. ~ ~ NOT KIDDING NOTES: My own private 1980s AMERICAN GIGOLO prophecy about me and my sidekick nigger pimp hooking up with Laurence Pierson, from Epinal, France, was shot at Charlize Theron's Malibu beach shag pad. You think I'm kidding? Just take a hard look at her dark skinned love child born of Satan. ~ ~ MOD REVELATION: Last week, Jesus let me know that I need to start looking more like Richard Gere in AMERICAN GIGOLO. Than say, Vancouver, BC's Seth Rogen pot-head in ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO; if I want Miley Sire Us to have my baby. ~ ~ BABY-STEPS NOTE: Courteney Cox just gave one of her stand-in boyfriends the keys to her amazing Malibu Beach beatnik shag pad. Plus, I get that red Convertible Girl ALFA featured in THE GRADUATE. ~ ~ And get this; I get all this up front for free, even though I don't have any money in the bank. Plus my 10k per dim of course. ~ ~ Don't want to meet up for drinks and shrimps with Mel Gibson and Michael Douglas at some bar in Malibu and not be prepared to pretend to grab the bill.

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