Tuesday, December 17, 2013


FOX reported at 1:00 pm PST that "a dozen" Republicans in the Senate crossed over to the dark side Tuesday, in confirmation of THE DIRTY DOZEN prophecy about today's occupied Greek columns CASA BLANCA getting blown up in France by that former nigro NFL player in M*A*S*H, a.k.a. Spear Chucker. ~ ~ Think Bruce Willis also crossed over twice and voted for my Alone Ranger sidekick killer from Chicago. ~ ~ And so now the DIE HARD 6 actor owes me triple damages, payable at THE BANK OF CANADA's branch office in B.C. ~ ~ In my world, nobody gets away with anything. ~ ~ Not even something as measly as a fake birth certificate from Hawaii or a stolen Social Security number from DC. ~ ~ You think this is some crazy right-wing concept do you? Fuck a duck man, even Brad Pitt is making some WWII movie right now about this very same thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS WILLIS: If you have any problems with the BANK OF CANADA, just wire my 30 big ones to my front man in the Bahamas. He'll know what to do with it, for now. And please don't call me. ~ ~ The reason why your production company lost all of those big ones in THE WHOLE TEN YARDS fiasco, is because the whole uninspired sequel came out at the same time that you were starting to turn. For a Divine object lesson about the latter-day ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. In other words, half of the above GSR/TWN era franchise was a huge success, and the other half was a dismal failure. ~ ~ PS MEL: Don't be silly. Most of the tax free off-shore money that I end up extorting and "borrowing" from all of my buddies and relatives in Hollywood is just going to end up paying for the expansion of your endowment house complex on the temple mount above Malibu Beach. Just do the numbers; I already have a nice twin VO/VO that is all paid for and tied up and waiting for me in the Bahamas, not to mention Union Bay, Seattle, etc. Plus, all my royal King of England town&country estates have no mortgages, nor real-estate taxes, to speak of, etc.

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