Tuesday, December 24, 2013


That cool sexy blond babe in THE GAME looks an awful lot like today's co-owner of PISTOL ANNIE's pawn shop; featured in PULP FICTION meets JACKIE BROWN. ~ ~ No wonder all those tasty Chinatown roast duck joints in the 1997 born again prophecy. ~ ~ That would come to pass during a certain BACK TO THE FUTURE era when America would be oppressed again by some born again nigger from Africa. ~ ~ In other words, all of today's conservative talk radio stars who keep insisting on lying about "...the president of America..." are going to die, and then be born again; in three and one half days. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YOU GOT JEWED NOTES: That legendary New York radio news Jew [[Stan Brooks]] died on the 12.23 anniversary of the execution of Donald Young in Chicago. Who could not keep his mouth shut, no pun intended. ~ ~ NEW POP POPE NOTES: The new Pope of pop culture is riding on a huge new wave of popularity because nobody has to be a Christian anymore to get into heaven. Which is actually quite true, if you are talking about heaven's lower third class degree of glory; as described in D&C 76, etc. ~ ~ GAME TIME NOTES: All those keys themes in the [1997] THE GAME prophecy represented my Browns Point, Tacoma buddy, Ken Kei/sler, relocating down to the San Francisco area; shortly after he had fired me in 1997. Which was probably the best thing that ever happened to me since my ex-wife fired me.

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