Saturday, December 14, 2013


The inspiration behind Nancy Pelosi's words came as Divine confirmation of the famous cock sucking scene in SHAMPOO, seen on my DVD at around 1:07:20 minutes. Wherein the Republicans and the Democrats become the same high-as-a-kite party goers of the future. ~ ~ When the abomination of desolation usurper in MARK 13:14 would be sitting in the Greek temple White House in DC. ~ ~ Per that future "beard" sitting in the kitchen next to two 'LUCKY U' beer cans from the Olympia, Washington area, at circa 1:14:04. ~ ~ Note that red forerunner PORSCHE in the 70s film, featured during the fire engine evacuation scenario, that represents the red 911 PORSCHE that just exploded into flames up in the highlands above LA. ~ ~ Think Beverly Hills meets Hillary Clinton; who is still being supported by Ben Affleck, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HUNTING NOTES: Saturday morning at 8:01, I was awaken by a pair of hunters blasting their 36" barrel 12ga. full-choke long-range high altitude 3" magnum loads at a flock of wild Canadian geese coming in for a landing down on that big hay field along Olde Buckley Highway. ~ ~ Walking out later, I noticed that they were using fake decoys to lure the high-flying V-formation birds down onto the cut grass. ~ ~ GOLDMEMBER KIDDERS: Certain bloggers out there are now joking about Kristen Stewart's incredible 220 yard drive on the golf course; that is as straight as a BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA arrow around ten times out of ten. In confirmation of those golf clubs leaning against the wall by the door in AMERICAN GIGOLO. ~ ~ What? You don't like the way they cut the grass at you local country club's tricky par-three holes do you? ~ ~ I'm talking to Hugh Grant et al, of course. Who is basically England's new and improved and more classy answer to Warren Beatty.

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