Monday, December 30, 2013


I'm not even half way through posting the inspired prophetic elements in Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS movie, and already the Holy One of Israel is prompting me in my nightmare dreams to watch Mr [Richard] Burton's PLANET OF THE APES remake. ~ ~ Therefore, let me slip in just a little quick note here about my ex-wife bitch promising me that "I'm willing to start over..." and "...I could change that." during the upcoming blood cleansing transfiguration scenario. According to that big blood drop boner art piece hanging on the wall in the background; starting at around 1:06:30 minutes. ~ ~ I have to admit, she still does look pretty good. ~ ~ And so does Ornella Fresh for that matter. ~ ~ Not to mention Sandra Bullock and Demi Moore. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LAWRENCE OF ARABIA NOTES: Peter O'Toole's breakout role was a prophecy about the future British citizen homosexual Muslim wannabe who would become the leader of the decadent anti-semitic western cultures in 2013. ~ ~ Yes, it's all true, Barack Obama is an apostate Muslim; the kind that all those suicidal radicals love to assassinate; over and over and over again. No matter how many times those arrogant Jewish neo cons on American talk radio, like Michael Medved, try to deny it. ["Barack Obama is an American citizen." etc.] ~ ~ Never forget, if you try to Jew me, then I AM will be forced to Jew you too, according to the laws of Moses. ~ ~ MAMA CASS NOTES: They say that Mama Cass choked to death on a chicken sandwich. Whatever, those two train wrecks in India and Cass County were confirmation of the Keira Knightly look alike riding up to Collinsville, Maine in the DARK SHADOWS prophecy about all those Steven King novels and movies. ~ ~ Ergo, FARGO meets BLOOD SIMPLE, etc. ~ ~ JOHNNY DEPP LOOK ALIKE CONFIRMATION: See: ~ ~ Johnny Depp being from Chicago and all that.

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