Wednesday, December 4, 2013


AMERICAN GIGOLO portrayed all of the high society bad guys in California as country club Republicans. Which of course is complete Jewish liberal insanity. Because there is no such thing anymore as a Republican Party in California; unless you still believe that Arnold Schwarzenigger is a major Hollywood movie star. ~ ~ Therefore, at the end of the iconic late 70s waterbed movie, Barack Obama falls off of his posh penthouse balcony in Westwood, LA. In prophetic confirmation of Donald Young's African mask interior design theme at his homogaysexual shag pad in Chicago. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN VIRGINS NOTES: Michelle meets Julian two times at his prison phone booth no.5 in AMERICAN GIGOLO for a last days ten virgins prophecy finish. ~ ~ Think today's phony talk radio phone callers are not allowed to talk about Barack Obama's obviously phony birth certificate because their new 666 jail guard monitors are watching and listening. Per that Jewish Katie Courick prison guard dike in the AUSTIN POWERS franchise. Which has now been cut off; even though a 4th AP sequel would obviously have been a pile of easy money on the table, "SMOKIN' ACES" ~ ~ Much like that silly Jew boy at NBC who had tried to prematurely fire Jay Leno. Because he thought that he was giving him the hairy eye. ~ ~ Believe it or not, money is not the most important thing to most Jews; ironically speaking. ~ ~ NSA NOTES: I don't give a flying fuck if my 666 sidekick nigger is monitoring 5B 666 cell phone calls a day. In my own private post-666 beast world, nobody has a cell phone anyway. ~ ~ PUSSY NOTE: This one is about that glass coffee table shattering in SMOKIN' ACES, for a glass ceiling sunlight thing in the same movie, which was about the eastern European juice on the brown [University] leather jacket symbol, at ~ ~ In other words, Brown University has been fucking Emma Watson in the leather skin [666] rod ass for some four years now. Therefore, Ms Watsonville, California will need to spend some serious recovery time down at Taylor Swift's nearby intellectual rehab mansion at Watch Hill. ~ ~ You fuck Emma Watson in the ass, I get to fuck her in the vagina. ~ ~ WFB NOTES: Buckley was the original sentimental old man country club republican who fell for the devil's deceptions in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, per: ~ ~ When you do not believe in the existence of satan, you do not believe in the existence of God. ~ ~ Ergo, Rabbi Daniel Ephraim Lapin's yacht boat company went into chapter 9 back in the 1990s; which forced Michael Medved and him to move up to Mercer Island, Seattle. ~ ~ GOLDEN TURKEY NOTES: This year's Thanksgiving turkey meat Hanukkah season ends on the same day that Joe Biden will be in South Korea. Think LOST IN TRANSLATION meets BROKEN FLOWERS meets KILL BILL. ~ ~ DEADLINE NOTES: I recently found a used DVD copy of M*A*S*H at PISTOL ANNIE'S prophetic pawn shop location in PULP FICTION. Which looks to me like a prophecy about today's government run medical care craziness. When in the future Barack Obama will be bombing the hell out of everyone; left and right.

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