Friday, December 6, 2013


Nelson Man/dela died on the last day of Thanksgiving's Hanukkah season in SMOKIN' ACES in case we see the Lamb's Last Supper in M*A*S*H. Right before today's Jews get crucified; because they had crucified their own Holy One Of Israel in the Book of Mormon meets the Second Book of Commandments. ~ ~ Both of which have been rejected by the Lord's chosen peoples of Jacob in the promised lands of America and Europe; per the very specific prophecy about Israel in EZE.38. Regarding the northern/eastern European Kingdoms of lost Israel, and not just the Kingdom of Judah. ~ ~ Bet you white dumb ass dumb and dumber dumbies did't see that one coming. ~ ~ You cherry pick the revealed word of God, you get that big red ripe cherry on the end of your dick cut off, Florida style. ~ ~ In the last days, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. And that includes today's apostate leaders of the RLDS chichi based in Utah. ~ ~ Not to mention that born-again Christian high society fool George W. Bush, who will be flying to Mandela's funeral with that black medicine pill man cited in MARK 13:14, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ M*A*S*H NOTES: That sexy married FFing nurse who cured Kevin Spacey of his homodaysexuality in the iconic 1970 move, which led to a miraculous eleven years of future tv reruns, looks like a transfigured 23ish Lindsay Lohan. ~ ~ Talk about the two jaws of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ NOTES FOR WHITE FOLKS: I realize that my alone ranger sidekick nigger is going to piss off a lot of my BUBBA HO-TEP subjects by attending the funeral of Mandela with Mr W. and my future AMERICAN GIGOLO Malibu Beach wife Charlize Theron. But you really do need to swallow this hard black pill; for your own good. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ NIGHTMARE NOTES: Charlize Theron's many nightmares about South Africa were God's way of telling her that South Africa has become her own private nightmare come true. ~ ~ Think her white stucco house in the 7-hills of LA, located near David Lynch's own private three white houses in a row, was robbed and violated while she was out of the country. ~ ~ Ergo, they swiped her cheap 22k plated Oscar idol that was given to her for all of her promotional lesbian movies; plus they took one of her 9 dogs. And the liberal media did not even report a thing about it. Just like they are keeping their beaver traps shut about Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery and his stolen S.S. number. Not to mention the shocking number ratios regarding the rapes and murders of dumb naive white women by the devil in South Africa. ~ ~ Did Rabbi Lapin sell Micheal Savage his double VOLVO yacht in the Gay Area? ~ ~ Last I heard, the talk radio rabbi who sounds like James Bond 007 does have a Sunday night call-in radio show down there.

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