Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The day 1290 abomination from Kenya, Africa made sure that his gay church chior lover was dead on December 23, via Chicago. For that Chicago mob boss who got crushed in a black JFK assassination limo in the 1964 GOLDFINGER prophecy. ~ ~ You try to dead me, you end up dead. ~ ~ The new beast in REV.13 already got his 42 months; now I get mine. ~ ~ Personal checks made out to "cash" are still acceptable of course in the British protectorate Tommy Bahamas; last I heard. ~ ~ Where there are more 18-hole golf courses per capita than any place else in the world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMERICAN GIGOLO SCREENING NOTES: For my younger "TEENAGE IDOLS" tabloid blog readers in Malibu, California, that is a royal evergreen Christmas tree birth mark near my left soft shoulder in the inspired 1980 movie that came out when my ex-wife Lauren left me; at 37:33 on my DVD. ~ ~ NO.9 NOTE: Some judge named 'Steven' just ruled that all of America can now go into chapter 9, which already happened about 6.66 years ago anyway. In confirmation of the iconic name 'Steven' in the ROSEMARY'S BABY prophecy; which for some reason has been a common 'Eve' reference to Satan in the arts throughout the centuries. ~ ~ THREE NEW DREAM NOTES: I have now had three recent dreams wherein Terry McKnight, Ken Keisler, and somebody else, were complaining that I AM is just an ice-cream vender of some kind. Probably because they are jealous that I get to fuck that blond girl in my Sundance Film Festival hotel room in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Because in that LOST IN TRANSLATION prophecy about me fucking a married teenage Scarlet Johansson, most of today's Internet teen babes are already ready to get fucked really hard and long, Old Testament style. And all their boyfriends are just too gay anyway. ~ ~ K.O.O.K NOTES: Here is the latest example why today's Jewish homosexual liberals are still getting away with lying about my nigger's fake born again birth certificate, at: ~ http://www.birtherreport.com/2013/12/must-read-new-media-vs-old-media-to.html ~ ~ Barack Obama never has been, nor ever will be, a communist. ~ ~ You refuse to understand reformed fascism, much less reformed Mormonism, you look like some uneducated christian Bible Belt hillbilly from north Texas or Oklahoma, and parts of Tennessee and Alabama; Georgia and Florida, not so much. ~ ~ Louisiana being another thing altogether. As if the French speaking state was a completely different country, like at: http://vt.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbauiniciR1rudkns.mp4#_=_ ~ ~ AND: http://vt.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxc2puUTVK1r7kho1.mp4#_=_

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