Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Turns out that that KING RALPH prophecy about the king of Las Vegas becoming the King of England was a KING OF CALIFORNIA meets SPLITTING HEIRS thing. ~ ~ So many Hollywood Jew made DVDs, so little time. ~ ~ That's right girls, King David in the Bible was always fucking new virgin teenager wives. ~ ~ What? You got a problem with the Word of God written in the Bible? Not to mention the Book of Mormon? ~ ~ That's right dog. Monogamy with older women is kind of faggoty. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHAMPOO NOTES: Today's breaking news about the Jewish run fed deciding to keep rates at their current down low 6.66 level, is about all those old Jewish white guys who had no problem sucking on Obama's long brown Cuban cigar cock icon when he was still a born again senator from Chicago, Illinois. ~ ~ "You phony asshole!" as in, SHAMPOO, at about 1:08 minutes. ~ ~ 2NEPHI 13 NOTES: Here is the latest confirmation about the promised land being oppressed by man-Childs and foolish emotional women, at:

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