Saturday, December 28, 2013


White people have become so tired of getting fucking in the ass by the unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act, which never could have happened if not for the apostate born again RLDS/LBJ style Christian Republicans in Utah meets Texas, etc. that now DUCK DYNASTY is about the only thing that they have left. ~ ~ Therefore, now comes the long awaited new wave of assassinations. ~ ~ Just like old times. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK ASSASSIN NOTES: My sidekick hit man from Chicago in THE WHOLE NINE YARDS prophecy, who had Donald Young murdered, just because he was gay, is my kind of hero. ~ ~ HAPPENING NOTES: Everything that is happening today springs from the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the civil war in Viet Nam; both of which started at around the same time. ~ ~ Remember, Richy Millhouse Nixon was that creepy squirrely one who finally put the reverse fascism principle of affirmative action into play. And then for some weird reason, Robert Redford and Dustin Hauffman et al started to attack him for no reason. ~ ~ CFAKES NOTE: After a week of steady signs and wonders about Keira Knightley having something to do with 1975's steamy sweaty sauna SHAMPOO prophecy, I finally looked up her 133rd image at and saw this little miracle from God, posted on there about three years ago, at: ~ ~ Note the short die job 'haircut' look. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston did not want to go to that famous tennis camp school up in Bend, Oregon. Where they filmed those scenes for King, Arizona in the MANAGEMENT prophecy about my Chinese restaurant porn star from Fife, Tacoma, Washingtion, off I-5. ~ ~ Also see; PLANET OF THE APES REMAKE: Tim Burton's demonic movie about half-breed light skin mulatto apes taking over America was just confirmed at:

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