Friday, December 27, 2013


That Big Brown UPS delivery man holding a .44 at the end of THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME prophecy represents Dr Evil's problems with delivering everything on time this X-Mass. ~ ~ Talk about Divine timing. ~ ~ In other words, all of my three-way wives are late because their men are even more late than they are. Since the daughters of Israel are not supposed to come forth until the men come forth first. In order to protect them from all those media goons and thugs in the Democrat Party; most of whom are at least half Jewish, especially the short ones. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JUST FOR MEN NOTES: In the unfolding millennial Kingdom of God, there will be no lesbians. And women and children will not be allowed to vote. [Women of titled property being a possible exception of course.] ~ ~ Whenever you allow desparate starving barefoot widows with naked children in their arms to vote, they will always vote to rob from you.

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