Saturday, December 21, 2013

PAN AM 103 R.I.P.

Flight number 103 was destroyed in confirmation of Neve Campbell's half Scotish birth date of 10.3. ~ ~ Hence, the PARTY OF FIVE [virgins] star married one of her husbands in the Malibu highlands later at that little church which burned down in a wildfire later. Which would eventually stand in spiritually for Malibu's Church of Mel Gibson up in the hills. That will also burn down, and then be built again in just three and one half days. ~ ~ You can piss all over the word of God that you want; but that ain't gonna put out all those raging wildfires prophesied of in REV.17. ~ ~ Ergo, flight 103 was brought down by a bomb hidden inside of a 1980s style portable two witnesses talk radio ghetto blaster. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG SUR NOTE: That strange off season wildfire in Big Sur, CA was a Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park thingy, see: ~ ~ Note the big pisser falls image at:

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