Monday, December 16, 2013


Bruce Willis' little odd-looking long-faced dark angel named Rumor has been starting to get lonely and depressed lately. Because there is no light in her life, eternally speaking. ~ ~ So I went ahead and watched my used copy of THE WHOLE NINE YARDS prophecy; which is about my nigro sidekick killer from Chicago, who gets it in the end. Because it was either him or me, and his usefulness was over anyway. ~ ~ No wonder her Hollywood sugar-daddy voted two times for my sidekick hit man named Barack Obama. ~ ~ Though he knew in his heart-of-hearts that it was the wrong thing to do, he had his little princess to think about, first and foremost. Plus, he liked the guy. ~ ~ Think BRIDE OF CHUCKY meets any movie ever made that co-stars Amy Poehler, all paid for by daddy STARBUCKS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOING APE SHIT NOTES: Never saw Tim Burton's PLANET OF THE APES remake. But when I saw the film's inspired 2001 artwork today at GOODWILL, which depicts all of the 2029 apes in the movie as light skin mulattos, now living in southern Utah's Washington County, I got it. ~ ~ TWO NOTES: Those two fake bomb threats of Judah and Ephraim in Steven Fresh's New England home state were Divine confirmation of his look alike mob boss character in THE WHOLE NINE YARDS. Wherein the two stars of the movie make a deal to trade wives with each other, and everybody likes it in the end. ~ ~ In other words, I get to fuck Demi, and he gets to fuck any two of my teenager wife babes; if he pays up and buys me that sweet twin VO/VO featured at the end of the movie.

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