Sunday, December 1, 2013


Shortly before I heard that Paul Walker had just died in a fiery German 911 PORSCHE crash up in the highlands above LA, I was running the '28' number references to that crude number '28' written in blood on Rosemary's naked body. Where I found a nice 'rod ass' confirmation of Roger Rodas being at the wheel on Hercules Ave off of I-5; seen in this dirty leather stained image no.28 at: ~ ~ In other words, CNN could still not get the abomination of desolation's day 1290 web site of the new and improved 666 beast to work on the day 1335 anniversary of Judah; which marked WORLD AIDS DAY. Per Paul Walker's REACH OUT WORLDWIDE organization that has been attempting to deny the 7 plagues in REV.15 that are designed by God to destroy the new dark skinned born again beast-devil figure from Hawaii. ~ ~ Since today's latter-day Harlem River represents that day 1290 river in DAN [MARINO] 12. ~ ~ I'll never forget the time when I finally fell into some 1970s era waterbed with Teri Kornblum, but suddenly I passed out, as if someone had slipped me the Mickey. ~ ~ Like in ROSEMARY'S BABY in reverse ~ ~ Then shortly thereafter, the future sexy Emma Watson look alike, Mrs Rutherford, admitted to me that she had already had three abortions. So obviously the time was not right for me to knock her up anyway. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO REGRETS NOTES: Given my past history of being a sterling gentleman with the ladies, I have very few regrets. Although I do wish that I was not so stuck up that time in Naples when Ken Keisler and I spent the night at Donatella Greco's place in 1988. ~ ~ God, I was such an idiot savant back then. When even my sexissimo virgin 26 year-old Susan Tintle girlfriend with an MA degree in psychology from BYU, and a short sexy blond boyfriend haircut, wanted me to fuck her so badly. ~ ~ Yet I was not still man enough to go through with it. ~ ~ Because nobody in the RLDS Mormon church in back in Provo, Utah ever taught me about the joys of having sex with teenage girls who are way younger than me. ~ ~ Think how boring it would be today if you met Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman at some vodka-blush cocktail party for old NYT liberals. Who still believe that they are on the cutting edge of things. ~ ~ Since Roman passed on Bob's DOWNHILL RACER vanity piece indie film shot in Utah in order to make ROSEMARY'S BABY. And we all know how that washed out.

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