Sunday, December 22, 2013


Charlie Sheen's anti-white comments about DUCK DYNASTY have a particular validity; because the ANGER MANAGEMENT star is just about one of the most nasty dudes up in the Hollywood Hills. And that is really saying something. ~ ~ Therefore, ANCHORMAN 2 was released right after it became so blatantly obvious that it is now open fuck-a-duck season on half Jews, half Queers, and half niggers; not to mention half spicks and half Mormons. ~ ~ See the plain truth at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HALF ASS NOTES: My prophetic REV.9 ass fucker porn clip rolled out right before that duck hunter's comments about anal sex rolled out via GQ. ~ ~ NEXT FALL NOTES: In my lucid "next fall" dream about Jennifer Garner's repaired POLAROID camera, she was always watching Ben Afflect out of the corner of her eye; who was standing in the background shadows. In other words, she was role playing one of my older second wave of wives. After this fall's fantastic SMOKIN' ACES signs and wonders. Which featured a fake snap shot of Kate Holme's smoking Ta-Tas at that boat launch on Lake Tahoe. And my more pure-at-heart younger wives, who would come first, have more faith than she does at this particular point in time. ~ ~ DIVINE TIME NOTE: Note the time-stamp confirmation of the two witnesses' special 1260 days period in REV.11 at: ~ ~ Which reminds us of CRACKED magazine's 1776 Philadelphia Liberty Bell. ~ ~ SHAMPOO 2 NOTES: The aging actor who is still a rather sexy dude, with a full head of thick hair, Charlie Sheen, would definitely be casting perfection in any SHAMPOO remake/sequel. If the money was right. ~ ~ Of course, all those sexy babes at his West Hollywood hair shop would have to be young horny underaged virgin teenagers. Otherwise, who would even give a fuck to go watch the movie anyway at your local run down movie theater in places like Missoula, Montana, or Manti, Utah. ~ ~ MY WORLD NOTES: You only get to watch me fucking Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld at the same time on my twin VOLVO on the big screen in various small town theaters that nobody has ever heard of; don't wait for the DVD. Ain't gonna happen.

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